On the Basis of Sex

This morning I had an aggressive workout followed by crying. Sometimes I forgot how far we have to go to achieve equality and this morning’s episode of The Daily is a strong reminder. The language the justices use, the focus on bathrooms (not an issue addressed anywhere in this case), the binary construction of gender: Can someone be fired because of their gender identity? “Culturally, the courts seem okay with protecting gay people, but still a little uncomfortable with this concept which seems new to some of the justices: that there are people in the world who are transgender.”

Link to Episode below:


5 thoughts on “On the Basis of Sex

  1. Dominique

    Hi, my name is Dominique and my husband just came out as being trans, but he doesn’t want to change, he’s fine with that, I feel a lot of mixed emotions like feeling lonely and scared. I want to stay with him, I know that for sure, I just get so confused with thinking is this the same person or not. I want to be held but still scared. Did you ever get that feeling? And how did you go about it?

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    1. Hi Dominique. I strongly relate to the feelings you describe and had all of them in the beginning. I often described knowing Katie was the same, but feeling a disconnect between the before and after revelation. I tended to sit with that feeling and allow space for it because I knew it was important to grieve whatever it was I needed to grieve in my new-to-me altered reality. I also started writing this blog to help me put the thoughts somewhere. When I read earlier posts I feel like I don’t know the author. I’ve moved past the separateness of Katie’s before and after, but I know it was real. I documented it because it deserved a space.

      This is a transition for you as much as your spouse, however that transition may come to be for them. You’re both in it. It’s a beautiful thing to have each other in that even if it feels like you don’t know each other right now. Who else could understand you and your process of acceptance in this more than your spouse?

      All my best wishes,


      1. Dominique R Burns

        Thank you for the email back, wondering if it ok to talk to you more about it, about your experience, your story encourages me a lot, gives me hope and makes me feel not alone. Sorry I get a bit emotional, today I felt the most happiest in days.

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