Sometimes I read an article like When Your Spouse Comes Out as Transgender and have a moment of feeling incredibly seen. This article is everything. Thank you Antoinette Cavitt for writing so eloquently about this unique, shared experience. I cried while reading it and am so glad there are others in the world who get it.

6 thoughts on “Seen

  1. Terri K.

    Thanks Natalie for everything you’ve wrote and sharing this article. I have read every part of it and felt such a relief that I am not alone.

    A few months ago, I have just realized myself a trans. I came out to my wife a month ago and thought both of our world would collapse. Lots of fears and tears. So reading your blogs tells us there are still hopes for us. It won’t be an easy journey, but we will make it.

    Thankfully , we have a friendly LGBT community here. I can’t imagine what will happen if we are in other places.

    Just want to say thank you and luv yall.

    Terri K. 🙂
    Bothell, WA

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  2. Tammy

    Thank you for linking that piece and thank you for all that you share. My spouse told me he was a cross-dresser the night before our wedding. We have been married 28 years. This fall, he came out as trans….and he is still living as male, so I am not mis-gendering him. We’ve discussed it and he doesn’t have a preference. The bigger issue with our journey is his alcoholism. He has been sober for 70 days….he has pretty much been drunk since October of 2018. So I am dealing with so much anger from that……and the many previous years he also was drinking.. …..and his mother died in October of 2018, whom he was really close with and then his father died in December of 2018….it’s been a hell of a year…..yes he is seeing a gender therapist as well as another therapist. We have met together with the therapist once and will again next week…I’m just having such a hard time dealing with it and it is so mixed up with the alcoholism….and yes I have been looking for a therapist and his therapist is going to help with that…..but I just wanted to thank you…..I’m not sure we will stay together if (and when) he starts taking hormones. I

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