Bathroom Protocol

Tonight, I asked Katie a pressing question that I’m sure very few of us ever ask our significant others: are you peeing standing up, or sitting down now that you identify as a lady? I was curious because, as we are trained to do early in life, men pee standing up and women pee sitting down. But how does a transitioning woman pee?

The answer: sitting down, unless, of course, the toilet is gross. Then Katie stands.

I told her she better enjoy that luxury while it’s still an option.

I grappled with whether this was too much information to post in a public forum, but decided if I had the question, I’m sure someone else does too. Hopefully this helps the curious mind.

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Protocol

  1. Amelia

    I’m sure everyone’s answer to this is different. For me I stopped standing years before I started transitioning. Standing just felt completely wrong. Something else to consider; in a workplace comprised of 80% males and a men’s bathroom with only two stalls; those stalls become extremely scarce or maybe even contested. I’ve had to hold it for hours until one became available. After transitioning, in that same workplace with 20% females and 5 stalls; I have never had to wait, ever. Pure bliss.

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