I have received several emails and comments from people like me, from The Spouses. I am humbled by all of you who have reached out to tell your story. It is an incredibly brave thing to tell a stranger about something in your life so personal and painful. I am honored to have given voice to that journey. We are not alone. I didn’t know that until very recently and I want to thank those that have come forward to let me in. We, The Spouses, have a long road ahead, but there is a way forward. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need this journey validated. You are not alone and I am so incredibly grateful for those who have been brave enough to remind me of that. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Lauren Thomas

    My significant other came out as non binary a few weeks ago, and I have felt like I am drowning since then. I’m scared that their changes will be too much for me and that I am not equipped to help them through this, and I have felt very alone. I felt like the way I was feeling grief over my significant other coming out was wrong, and the way looking back memories seem almost tainted by the way things are now, and I am glad that I am not alone in that feeling. Thank you so much for being so open, your story is beautiful. Since I found this blog, I have been reading it non-stop. I love my significant other so much, and this blog helped me realize that doesn’t have to change. We are both 18 years old and currently doing a long distance relationship and there have been so many struggles that I did not believe anyone could understand, but after reading this blog, I now see that I am not alone. I have been living life terrified for what tomorrow will hold, but reading this has made me a little less scared. Thank you.

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